Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Preserved flowers

Remember that wedding cake I did up there? When I opened the box to put flowers on her cake, she had these beautiful red preserved roses for me and they were AMAZING! I had never seen anything like it. Well, she has started a business doing solo wood and preserved flower bouquets. If I was getting married, I would totally go this route. Please check out her website and spread the word! I will also add her to my sidebar.

Pink ombre ruffle cakes

I was nervous for these because they're butter cream but they turned out great! This is about the only type of butter cream cakes I'm willing to do. Other than that, I HATE decorating with the stuff.

ASU cake

This was a VERY last minute cake order but we got her done! This is my fourth time making this cake. Pretty crazy! Oh, I will be adding something on my sidebar about last minute orders. Please read!

Red ruffle cake

I just love these darn ruffle cakes! This was so fun to create! The boy who came in with his mother to pick this up said "it looks like a dress". Ha ha! Yes, it kinda does.