Sunday, April 28, 2013

Girly Despicable Me cake

I LOVE the colors on this. My kids had fun watching me make the minions. They kept telling me things I was doing wrong and forgetting. They couldn't grasp that things had to be put together a certain way. Ha!

50th wedding anniversary cake

Similar to the last one with a few changes. Though the last cake was big and heavy, the bottom tier was fake so it was lighter than what it could have been. This cake was all real. Gave me a good workout climbing stairs and walking it over. I felt numb afterwards.

Wild horse rescue cupcakes

These were for a dinner and/or fundraiser for the wild horse and rescue foundation. Look it up. It's a pretty cool organization.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thomas the Train Cake

couldn't keep my kids out of the pictures. I thought this was a super cute design!

70th anniversary cake

What the what? Yes, you read correctly! 70 years married! Unbelievable!

Beaus or Bows?

Another gender reveal. I love, love, love making these!! This one was a boy!

Fondant candy cake and cupcakes

My nephew is obsessed with candy. I've been told that he dug up candy that had been thrown away in the big garbage bins (and he's a little guy-just turned four). When he saw this cake, he couldn't help himself but to tough all the pieces and sneak a few. Love that boy! Oh, and thanks to my sista for helping me out with it!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Princess cupcakes

Slipper for Cinderella, lamp for Jasmine, apple for Snow white, braid for Repunzel, rose for Belle, lily pad for Tiana, crown for Sleeping beauty. So fun!

Gender reveal cake

This was incredibly fun! The doctor called me to give me the gender so the parents didn't know either until they cut into their cake. I did this for my fourth baby and it is so totally worth waiting a few extra hours. I put this together the day of for them so anyone else out there wanting something similar, let me know! Oh, and they are having a sweet baby girl.