Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flower pot cake

I came into work Tuesday and realized I had forgotten my friends birthday at work. So by Thursday, I came up and created this. I really butchered the pot. I am terrible at carving cake and I made the bottom way too small. While driving to work, it tipped over and was totally ruined (the pot part). I will do that a lot differently next time but aren't the flowers pretty? I am so doing this again.

Bubble bath cake!

I love this kid and he loves bubbles so there you go. Way too fun! I loved glazing the bubbles to give them that special bubble shine and sparkle.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Purple and green square wedding cake

WHEW!!!! I have to say, I am a bit proud of myself for this cake. It has had me scared for a while and I can't believe I pulled it off. It's my biggest real cake to date-and by a lot. It was so heavy! This was a milestone in my decorating career. I LOVE how it turned out and the colors and flowers were so fun. It just came together so nicely. Half the cake is red velvet and half chocolate. Pictures could have been better-the lighting wasn't terrific and I didn't think to move the boxes.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cars 2 Cake

I wish I had been able to put a little more love into this cake. I intended to spend more time on it (quality-wise) and add a few things but besides my crazy week last week and the crazy one I'm currently in, all 3 of my kiddo's developed ear infections Friday and Saturday. I was really lagging when it came time to make this one. I also had to research Cars 2 (sad, I have 2 boys and I know nothing of the sequel to Cars). I guess it's about some sort of world race (hence the Earth).

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cool flower wedding cake

Credit for the flowers belongs to a cake friend of mine who came up with them. They were pretty easy and look way cute on a cake. Happy with how this turned out.

Clothes line baby shower + cookies

My very first cake order was for a baby shower. My original idea was something like this but I discovered that it was way beyond my skill level. And though the cake was cute when it left my house, it fell apart by the time the shower started. Amazing how far I've come since then. It was fun designing the little baby clothes on this one!
Onsie cookies. I am still getting the hang of this cookie thing. I learn something new each time I do cookies. I am not totally satisfied with where I am now but like cakes, hopefully someday I will be. Still cute though.

"Worms and dirt" cupcakes

These take me back to first grade. A cupcake version of the good ol' worm pudding cups.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Damask/Chandelier Bridal Shower Cake

Darn. I didn't realize I had a smudge on my camera-explains the fuzzy spot right in the middle of the top tier. I wasn't sure that the green ribbon would look good with the black and white design but once I added it, it looked gorgeous. I almost didn't add the flowers because I loved it so much by itself. And the reaction of the bride-to-be was very sweet. I have a very busy and scary month ahead of me, cake-wise, and her response gave me the little boost I needed.
I wanted to post this because I was kind of excited that I was able to color match with the sample she sent me. I love color matching and creating/putting colors together.