Monday, April 25, 2011

Skateboard cake II

This is actually the brother of Nathaniel from the other skateboard cake I did. We changed it up a bit to match his skateboard colors. I love the graffiti font. These are a couple of pretty cool kids, for sure!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mini Princess Cake

I was thrilled to make this cake for this young lady. She turned 8 and it was her baptism day. She is a huge cake fan (watches all those fun shows) and has always wanted one. She reminds me a little of myself. She is the first of 5 kids. I am the eldest of 6. I know what a responsibility that is and she does such a great job helping out her family. I hope it was a great day for her!

John Deere Cake

I can't believe this little boy is two already. I made his mother her shower cake when she was pregnant with him (the cowboy one). That was also about the time I was just getting into cake decorating. Man how time flies. Gotta love his name too!

Lego cake

I wasn't going to do this cake but I just had to. Come on, a Lego cake? Way too fun to pass up.

Dragon Castle Cake

This was for one of my sons favorite friends. It was definitely a hit among the heard of young boys at this party. Rustin's reaction was priceless. Super cool!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

coming soon...

My computer totally crashed on me. I have pictures to share and I am starting up the calendar again. I only have time for no more than one cake a week. I have enjoyed all the business but my family misses me. Thanks for understanding. You all have been great!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fallish Wedding cake

It's been a long time since I had a consult with this couple. I completely forgot there was going to be a topper. So the first picture is what it looked like before I had to alter it a bit to include the topper. I was concerned this morning when I realized there wasn't as much height on the top as I would have liked. I'm glad I didn't worry enough to do anything about it. Ha ha! This cake quite literally matched the decor perfectly! I was happy with the way it turned out. Oh, and the filling was a new one- chocolate cake with cream cheese and cherry filling. Holy deliciousness.

Shark/Chameleon Cake

This was a first for me-one cake, two themes. One was for a boy who loves sharks. The other for a girl who loves chameleons. This was a rare instance where it came out better than I imagined in my head. I am in love with the chameleons. They are by far the cutest lizard and they were so much fun to make. Then there are 3 different sharks, great white, hammer, and tiger. Super cool! Okay, no weird combos for those of you thinking about it . Like, no farm animals/ballet type deal. :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pink, black and white 40th birthday

Last but not least, this fun 40th birthday cake. I love the party bows but I really need to get some more practice in with them. They can be pretty tricky. Most of my cakes this week were lemon which was odd. I usually don't do that much lemon but I have to say (I'm sure Ive said it before) it is my favorite flavor. I usually can't resist the scraps. All were filled with raspberry preserves. So good.

Princess Tea Party Cake with Cookies

I have been imagining what this cake would look like for weeks. It was actually quite difficult for me because there are so many cute things you can do with a princess theme and a tea party theme. At least the colors were narrowed down to pink and purple. I really stressed the night before trying to come up with something. I am pleased with how it turned out. And other than the card cookies I did a while back, this was my first cookie order. I am going to add cookies to my menu. They will range from $1.50-ish to $3 each depending on the detail and how many is ordered. These, for example, had little detail and were on the lower end price-wise. You can't tell in the pic but they are pearlized along with the cake. Cute stuff!

Horde Cake

Most of you are scratching your head, right? This is a symbol from a computer game. No offense, but I hate computer games (except solitaire) more than almost anything. However, I am grateful my brother in-law likes them. I really needed his cake to be easy this week and that it was.