Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pretty as a Princess

How fun! Sorry but I have to say, girl cakes are so much more fun than boy cakes. It actually didn't come out the way I had envisioned. I was going to do a fondant tiara but saw a royal icing one on the web and thought it was way cooler and looked more like a tiara. It took me 3 tries but I love it! Sooooo, the cake came out way more pretty-looking than 5 year old cute-looking. Also, I'm introducing a new flavor...strawberry cake. Yes, this cake was pink from the outside-in. If I get reviews back that it wasn't so good, I'll take it off the list but my family got to try a bite and they all loved it so we'll see. One layer had cream cheese filling and the other was ganache w/ fresh sliced strawberries. The mommy did a pretty good job picking out flavors for her daughters birthday. :)