Thursday, March 31, 2011

Train Cake!

You know you don't have to wonder if your customer liked their cake when they are leaping for joy! I had a lot of fun putting this one together. Worth every ounce of work!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Less is more...

Black and white wedding. Very chic. I seriously love doing the big fondant bows. So pretty. Other than it being square, it is definitely one of the simplest cakes I've done.

Ohio State football cake

I made a very similar cake like this last year for the exact same young man. He told his mom he wanted it to be exactly the same as last years' cake but she at least talked him into using a different team. And instead of Snickers in the filling, we tried Reeces. I think I liked working with these colors much better.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Carnival Wedding Cake!

FUNNEST. CAKE. EVER! A carnival wedding, seriously, how cool? And this couple was just so darn cute. I was so happy to make their cake for them.
This was the most time consuming and difficult part of the cake. It's hard to find "carnival/circus" font that you can customize but then it gets worse finding one that will do letter's, number's, AND symbols. It also took me a while to figure out the right words to google to find the shape for the sign. Anyone wondering, it's "bracket shape". It's printed on edible paper with edible ink. Cool huh?
I had to snap a few pictures of the decor. My first love is the cookie. My very close second is candy. This is my dream table. :)
Center pieces. Just adorable. Congrats to the happy couple!