Sunday, April 25, 2010

Square white on white wedding

I made this one like a weekend or two ago. This was my biggest square cake so far (size-wise, not tier count). The wedding was on a Friday so Thursday I covered and decorated the bottom tier. I got the hardest part over with, right? It was a dummy cake so I set it up high on a counter. The next morning while I'm at work my husband calls to tell me he's got some really bad news. My two boys had destroyed my cake! I had set it out of their reach and of course asked my dear husband how that happened. He said they were being quiet so he didn't bother to disturb them and later found them on top of a chair chowing down on the fondant. Any of you mother's out there, knows that anytime there is quiet in the house, except for sleep times, there is a disaster happening and needs your immediate attention. Lesson learned to Brian. So yes, I got to redo the biggest cake I had done all over. Luckily it still all worked out.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hulk Cake

So, the very night after I made this cake I got SUPER sick so I forgot to take a picture and me and the boys totally missed the party. :( I liked this idea I found for the Hulk theme. The only other idea was to do a fist and I was too nervous to create a giant green hulk hand. I was waiting for a picture of the cake but found this on my friends blog and loved her sons expression in the picture. What a cutie!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Handy Manny

This was ordered just this week so it was a little last minute and I had no clue what "Handy Manny" was. When I looked it up, I was really scared because there are a lot of character's and how do you turn it into a cake? If I had had enough time, I would have gone a full 3D version but I decided to attempt this and whew! It was so hard. Luckily I already had most the colors made but the detail was so tedious. It took forever! A funny note, this was for a 13 year old girl! Cracks me up.

Friday, April 9, 2010

White on White Wedding

I LOVE this one! I wasn't given anything specific on how to design the cake and I really went back and forth on what do to because I knew the bride was very simple. I was going to do just all dots but I really wanted to try a different design on each tier so I went with that (obviously). I did not deliver it to the reception so I wasn't able to get a picture with the decor and flower's on top but hopefully I will get a better picture and repost.

Round Present Cake

Simple and cute and one of my favorite flavor's-lemon cake with raspberry filling.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Birthday Day

My little nephew turned one on Easter. How often does that happen? Naturally, we went with the Easter theme. The basket was actually much easier than I thought. Plus, the more fondant the better for these rugrats. :)