Monday, March 19, 2012

Blues Clues Cake

I wanted to do all the characters until I saw there's like 50 of them. Okay, not really but there are a lot. I think Blue in his chair at the top turned out cute.

Hawaiian Cake and cupcakes

These were made for a girl whose wish (for "Make a wish") was to go to Hawaii. They threw her a party and surprised her with the arrangements to go. What a cool organization.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Batman Cake

This was for a friend of ours who likes batman. Since he's not a child, I had to make sure I made it more grown-up-like. Mission accomplished!

Fading pink ruffle cake

This is another ruffle cake I have been dieing to try. Something small and cute!

Girly Jake and The Neverland Pirates cupcakes

These were for a girl this time so we had to make it a bit more girly. I took out a lot of the red since it clashes more with pink and purple and I tried so hard to create the girl character from it but for some reason I couldn't get her to look cute and feminine. I guess this is a popular cartoon. Wish it was on Netflix.