Sunday, March 18, 2018

Almost forgot how to blog

It's been a while! I've been able to do a few cakes for family and friends over the last few years but I sadly can't find pictures to most of them. Here are some fun ones though!

A couple of years ago my dad celebrated his half life (he is going to live to be 105). We went to top golf and a nice dinner with the whole adult family. It was so fun! This cake has stuff he likes. I think I even put tomb stones of some of us kids because if he lives that long, I'm pretty sure he will outlive some of us!

 When my baby turned 3 over 2 years ago!
 When my other baby turned 5.

 Made these for a cactus themed dinner with the help of my sister. Loving the cactus!

 My son wanted to help with his birthday cake. He did an awesome job!

 We made our gingerbread houses this year! We used a mold. The kids loved it!
 Loved how this turned out! A friend wanted her husbands favorite things on his cake.
 Made a fondant Maleficent for a cake order for my sister. 
 Pizza cookie for a toy story themed activity.
A friend last minute needed cowboy toppers for cupcakes. I told her to give me an hour.