Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ladybug Lucy

I threw my first baby shower yesterday and it was so much fun! I love trying new things and seeing it all come together. This cake was made after hours of decorating cookies so it didn't turn out like I'd hoped but it sill looked great with the party. The ladybugs matched the cookies and I'm hoping someone got pictures of the cookies because I didn't but I'll post them later if I can get some. This shower was for my sister in-law whose giving me my first niece. I have 5 nephews so it's exciting to add a girl to the mix!

Found a picture. Don't they match perfect with the cake? I don't get the opportunity to make these types of cookies with the detailed decorating and I wasn't sure how they would taste with that kind of frosting but they were shockingly good. I'm glad I sent most of them home with people or I would have gained 5 extra pounds! Cookies are my biggest temptation-even more than cake.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sushi Cake

I was so excited when my sister had the idea of a sushi cake for her birthday. I LOVE SUSHI! Seriously, I love it so much I learned to make it on my own. I've got cook books if anyone is interested. I'm not even sure how long this took me because I was having so much fun making it. I only wish I could have done a thinner but wider table but that would have made a huge cake. Happy birthday Shelli!

Another reptile cake

Pretty much the identical of a previous cake but I made the reptiles a little bigger to fill the cake space up. I also added the smash cake. My boys stayed up late with me to watch me make it. They're obsessed with these creatures!

Sister Graduation

This is an old cake but I just got the picture of it. My last sister to finish high school graduated from Mountain View (don't judge, I went there too!). This next year, she starts college at ASU. So I did an "out with the old" "in with the new" type cake which included both schools. Shelli is an awesome girl and I'm super proud of her!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tiffany blue and Beige Bridal Shower

I've done white on white before but this was the first time using another color. I like how it turns the cake a little more elegant. What a pretty blue this turned out to be.

Inspired by Huggies

This one was for one of my coworker's who is one of the best people I know. Since it wasn't an order, I had complete freedom to do whatever I felt like. I bought these new Huggies wipes packs and the striped design on them is really cool and that's where I got the idea for this cake. I had most of these colors made already but for a smaller cake, it took a lot longer then I thought it would. Dainty though, isn't it?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ocean Cake

I can't believe this is my first ocean cake. Well, I've done one but it was butter cream. I've been looking forward to putting this one together and it was loads of fun. It was for one of my nephews and he loves whales and the ocean. All the kids could barely keep their hands off it long enough for me to slice a piece of cake with a fondant sea creature on it. :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010


My sister in-laws birthday is on the fourth. Naturally, her cakes usually run that direction. I love this design and would love to use it again with maybe a different color background or something. I just think it's super cool. Oh, and I finally decided I should start buying red and black fondant instead of dying it each time I needed it. Holy cow! I'm kicking myself for not doing that sooner. It's a little pricier to do that but so worth it!!

Ladybug 4th of July

I really drew quite the blank with this one. This little girls birthday was being celebrated on the 4th and ladybugs are her chosen theme but since it was on the 4th, the goal was to mesh the two together. It was hard to think of something that wasn't going to look too cheesy. Like a blue ladybug or something. I really like the stripes on the bottom and it seemed to work out and of course I thought of some cute ideas after the fact but that's how it goes sometimes. Still very 4th of July and topped with a cute ladybug.

Star Wars Cake

Man, this cake took forever! The cake was obviously for a Star Wars fan who specifically liked Darth Vader. I was going to try and mold a little Darth and add other things like the light sabers and stuff but then I thought it would be cool to do a big cut out of his face. I was happy I got it all cut out and together but it took quite a bit of effort.