Saturday, February 20, 2010

Purse Cake

I have really wanted to try a purse cake and add it to my portfolio. My mom happens to love purses and has gone through many of them. One of her favorites was a denim louis vuitton. I thought I'd try to create something similar for her birthday. It was difficult and time consuming. There is a lot I would do differently next time but I think it turned out well. When my grandmother saw it, she thought it was fake. She also thought the cupcake was fake as well until she touched the cherry on top and realized they were cakes. Ha ha!

Cupcake for Stacy

A year ago I made the same sister a cupcake cake. Since she is still obsessed with cupcakes, it wasn't hard to come up with a cake idea. This was simple but sweet. It's also her favorite of all my flavors-Strawberry cake and had cream cheese filling. One of my nephews stole a few sprinkles before it was time to eat it. And then once it was cut, he put the entire cherry in his mouth and ate it. Funny how much kids love that fondant! Happy Birthday sis! Love ya!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Twilight Cake

Soooo, I really know very little about Twilight. I've seen both movies and all I can remember is the wolf boy (hubba hubba). Luckily there are plenty of cakes and pictures of Twilight on the web so it was simple to find an idea. I don't understand a single bit of any of the symbols and maybe there isn't a meaning but the chess pieces, flowers, apple, and torn ribbon are all part of the books. When I said I didn't know what any of it meant, I was told that I must be the only girl who hasn't read those books. Come on ladies-there has to be someone out there who also hasn't read them!. :) Well, I love the colors and the squares were fun and different but way harder than I thought. Are the books really worth reading? Seriously?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blessing with a Valentine Twist

I love Valentines day! I'm not certain why because nothing super exciting ever happens but I love the colors and the candy and of course, the LOVE! How cool that this little girls' blessing is on such a fun day? I was asked to make something similar to my other blessing cakes but add the Valentine theme in somewhere-design was still up to me. I have really wanted to try something different from my other ones. I've done, I think, about 4 blessing cakes and they've all been pretty close to the same thing. So, I thought "let's try horizontal stripes!" As you can see, as far as the number of stripes, they are much fewer than normal but they took me twice as long! Horizontal is hard but it's a fun and different look. I really had a great time putting this one together!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bright Colors and Flowers Cake

I had complete creative freedom on this one. I was told to do whatever I wanted. Exciting and a little scary. I decided to just make the kind of cake that I would want for my birthday. I love bright colors and flowers on cakes. I was nervous after I painted it because it looked really crazy but once I added borders and flowers, it came together. I also pearlized it to try and make it a little more age appropriate for the adult this was for. :) This cake was bright and cheery on the inside also-lemon cake with red raspberry filling.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pink and Black Sweet 16

So I learned a really big lesson with this one. I decided yesterday morning to clean my carpets. BIG MISTAKE! Then later when I decided to start making this cake, the cake and frosting were more moist than usual and the fondant was "shiney". I dug around in my fridge trying to figure out the problem (thinking there was something wrong with the fridge) and then I wondered if the air was still humid from the recent rain and then it dawned on me-the carpet! Aaaahhhhhh! The cake still turned out darling but it was a bit messier than what I am happy with and so so difficult to put together. Arg! There has been maybe only one or two other times I felt like throwing the cake out the window during decorating. :) On the up-side, I love how the zebra turned out. I think if I ever have a girl, I will do one whole wall zebra print.