Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Princess baby shower cake

Golf Cake

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Barbie cake

Forgot to get a picture and this one doesn't do it quite justice but it turned out really cute! I love the design of this cake (not my design-it's a copycat).

Construction cake

I love all the detail and color on this one. Way fun to put together!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Superman and Batman cake

My favorite twins celebrated their 3rd birthday and decided they were big enough to have their own cake this year. I got to spend a little bit of time with them when they picked up their cake and they are just the most adorable little things. My kids got to play with them and have requested them to visit again. :)

Daisy first birthday cake

The mother of this sweet girl was very particular of how she wanted her 1st daughters first birthday cake to look like (as she should be!). :) I love the colors and the green ribbon. She did a good job designing it and I had a great time putting it together for her!

Dentist cake

I was highly nervous about this cake. I really wasn't so confident that I would pull it off. I think it turned out really cute. Very fun to make!

Tiffany blue present wedding cake

This was different than most wedding cakes I do. I think this blue is super pretty!

Elephant baby shower cake

This was similar to the 3-tier I did. I love the pop of the red balloon!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jungle theme baby shower

I have decided that animal themed cakes are my favorite. I am actually not a fan of real animals, but creating animal print and making animal figures is so exciting for me. After the busy two weeks I had, I had no problem staying up and working on this.

Mustache baby shower

This was for my future sister in law. Hard to see in the picture but I also did mustache cookies and mustache's molded in chocolate (the pops). This is seriously the funnest theme everrrr!

My little pony cake and cookies

They wanted the specific Rainbow Dash Pony and we added the ladybugs because her nickname is Buggy. I would have done more detail for the cookies but I had to keep it simple. I was swamped this week!

Vintage cake with sunflowers

I was excited to make this cake again. I've probably said it before but you can't go wrong with ruffles.

White wedding cake with petals

My camera wasn't loving the lighting so it's hard to actually see this cake. The edges of the petals are lightly dusted in gold to match the wedding. This turned out so elegant. So much fun to make!

Ombre blue ruffle smash cake

 Blue version of the pink one I did. I also did some cupcakes to match.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mickey Mouse cake

When my children caught me decorating this, they were giving me all the details to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I love Mickey Mouse anything. Always so cute!

Baby blue and Tiffany blue Baby shower cake

When I was given the colors, I was nervous as to how baby blue and Tiffany blue would look together. I was told I could also use yellow and/or green so I went this direction and I was surprised how much I love the colors. I'd love to do this again. The elephant was also pretty fun.


I received a stencil for the chevron and I've been dying to try it. When I got a cake order and was told to do whatever I wanted, I decided to bust it out. It was on memorial day so I leaned toward the patriotic colors.

Preschool Grad cake and cookies

My second boy graduated preschool. Yikes! But I loved how these all turned out. It was such a fun project!

Rose smash cake

I forgot to get pics of this cake but I got these and they are way better! Nothing beats first birthday pictures. Love these!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Preserved flowers

Remember that wedding cake I did up there? When I opened the box to put flowers on her cake, she had these beautiful red preserved roses for me and they were AMAZING! I had never seen anything like it. Well, she has started a business doing solo wood and preserved flower bouquets. If I was getting married, I would totally go this route. Please check out her website and spread the word! I will also add her to my sidebar.

Pink ombre ruffle cakes

I was nervous for these because they're butter cream but they turned out great! This is about the only type of butter cream cakes I'm willing to do. Other than that, I HATE decorating with the stuff.

ASU cake

This was a VERY last minute cake order but we got her done! This is my fourth time making this cake. Pretty crazy! Oh, I will be adding something on my sidebar about last minute orders. Please read!

Red ruffle cake

I just love these darn ruffle cakes! This was so fun to create! The boy who came in with his mother to pick this up said "it looks like a dress". Ha ha! Yes, it kinda does.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Girly Despicable Me cake

I LOVE the colors on this. My kids had fun watching me make the minions. They kept telling me things I was doing wrong and forgetting. They couldn't grasp that things had to be put together a certain way. Ha!

50th wedding anniversary cake

Similar to the last one with a few changes. Though the last cake was big and heavy, the bottom tier was fake so it was lighter than what it could have been. This cake was all real. Gave me a good workout climbing stairs and walking it over. I felt numb afterwards.

Wild horse rescue cupcakes

These were for a dinner and/or fundraiser for the wild horse and rescue foundation. Look it up. It's a pretty cool organization.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thomas the Train Cake

couldn't keep my kids out of the pictures. I thought this was a super cute design!

70th anniversary cake

What the what? Yes, you read correctly! 70 years married! Unbelievable!

Beaus or Bows?

Another gender reveal. I love, love, love making these!! This one was a boy!

Fondant candy cake and cupcakes

My nephew is obsessed with candy. I've been told that he dug up candy that had been thrown away in the big garbage bins (and he's a little guy-just turned four). When he saw this cake, he couldn't help himself but to tough all the pieces and sneak a few. Love that boy! Oh, and thanks to my sista for helping me out with it!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Princess cupcakes

Slipper for Cinderella, lamp for Jasmine, apple for Snow white, braid for Repunzel, rose for Belle, lily pad for Tiana, crown for Sleeping beauty. So fun!

Gender reveal cake

This was incredibly fun! The doctor called me to give me the gender so the parents didn't know either until they cut into their cake. I did this for my fourth baby and it is so totally worth waiting a few extra hours. I put this together the day of for them so anyone else out there wanting something similar, let me know! Oh, and they are having a sweet baby girl.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My world of cakery

Cakes are expensive-in my opinion-which is why I have always tried to keep my prices as low as possible. But even then, it can still be pricey. Honestly, I can't say I would be able to spend $50 or more on a cake. Believe me, I understand if it is not in ones budget. I toil all the time deciding what to charge for a cake and I was explaining to my mom the other day how much work goes into these things that most people have no clue about. While I sat and listed off what one cake costs of my life, she told me I should share it with everyone. So to all my cake friends who also labor arduously in the sugar world, here is the beginning to end of just one cake:

1. We have to take the order. Whether by phone or in most cases for me, email. I check my email daily and work out details with clients and prospective clients on cake orders. Typically, I spend a lot of time deciding on the right size of cake giving several estimates and then also looking up and thinking of ideas for their cake. This can take anywhere from a half hour to a couple hours. Sometimes I am sent a picture and told to copy it. Those are pretty easy orders but those do not come frequently.

2. We have to buy the supplies. This includes everything for baking, fondant, boards, dummies, boxes, decorations, etc. Usually I have everything on hand and only have to order once a month. But sometimes if there are accessories, I can spend many hours looking for things on the internet and at craft stores.

3. Baking the cakes. Someday I will have double ovens and the baking part will not take as long but with my single oven, it can take quite a while. It is easiest when the whole cake is one flavor but most the time it isn't. Don't forget all the dish washing and cleaning when I'm done.

4. fillings/butter cream coating/royal icing. I have to make enough butter cream for the coating on the cake and if butter cream is not used as the filing, I have to make the separate fillings.Usually I need at least a little royal icing for decorating. Again, more dish washing and cleaning afterwards.

5. Carving, filling, icing the cake, and covering with fondant. This is what I do usually the day before the cake is to be ready.

6. Decorating! Someday, I really hope I can hire someone to do step 3-5. I completely love this part and look forward to it. I probably average 2-4 hours per cake. Sometimes a little more, sometimes less.

7. Clean up! Decorating cakes destroys my kitchen. Probably takes about an hour to get my house liveable again.

8. Delivery or waiting for pick up. I have to work my schedule to meet the needs of when the cake needs to be given to the client. 

So, for a simple one tier cake, I probably spend a total of 8 hours. BUT, also keep in mind, what the cake costs me. Fondant alone is very expensive. So to estimate low, let's say the cake costs me about 35% of what I charge right now. Seriously, I hope you're wondering by now why I even bother. Well, it's because it's my hobby and I love it. One more thing to consider; I do all of this with 4 kids under 6- one of which is 4 months old. Not that it should matter to you. It is not your fault I have kids to work around. I just hope you have a better appreciation for all us cake people out there and the time and effort we put into these confectionery pieces. Also, it is a good lead into my next paragraph which is never fun to do but now you understand why these darn things cost a lot.

I'm not sure how many noticed but I raised my prices a few weeks ago. Not by much but by enough to compensate for the ever increasing gas and food costs. I am also getting more orders than I can handle at the moment. When my baby is older I can go full steam but for now, I need to limit my orders. I apologize in advance if I am overbooked on a day you need a cake. Also, if I have already given you an estimate, it is still good. I will not increase the price on you.

Thank you so much to all of you. I have had so many referrals and you have no idea how much I appreciate it. I don't advertise so that is the only way I get my business. Someday I will do a FB page and reward referrals and do promotions. Thanks again everyone!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Western style wedding

The bride, I am told, is 69 years young. How cute? Right? I got to meet her and she was darling. The filling was bananas and raspberries. That was new for me but looked good!

Vintage wedding cake

It's hard to see the lace stenciling on this but it turned out so pretty! I couldn't stop staring at this cake all day. BUT, my biggest nightmare happened. Can you find it in the bottom picture? I absolutely wanted to die!!!!! And stupid me for not bringing back up supplies. Lesson learned. Weddings are supposed to be perfect in every way and it's times like this I want to quite doing cakes. Mistakes happen and I will forgive myself eventually. Arg. It WAS just so perfect before that. Oh, and look at my new cake stand. It's super pretty!

Sweet 16 cake

The girl this was for used to be my beehive at church. I can't believe she is 16! I love the black stenciling on the pink. So cool!

Hunting cake

I was pretty maxed out this week so this cake had to be simple.

Carnival Cupcake wedding

200 cupcakes! My biggest cupcake order ever. My friend made the confetti sprinkles which took her all day. I actually enjoyed doing this more than I thought I would.

Monster High birthday cake

Never heard of Monster high before. I kinda like the style of it though.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

50 year wedding anniversary cake

This cake was so huge AND heavy! I can't believe how amazing this celebration was for this sweet couple. They have some incredible kids, that's for sure.

Chevron Wedding cake

How fun is this? Everyone was confused by the 3 cakes but I thought it made the table look way cute! Oh, one of the cakes has a cookie dough filling. Super good!