Friday, February 19, 2010

Twilight Cake

Soooo, I really know very little about Twilight. I've seen both movies and all I can remember is the wolf boy (hubba hubba). Luckily there are plenty of cakes and pictures of Twilight on the web so it was simple to find an idea. I don't understand a single bit of any of the symbols and maybe there isn't a meaning but the chess pieces, flowers, apple, and torn ribbon are all part of the books. When I said I didn't know what any of it meant, I was told that I must be the only girl who hasn't read those books. Come on ladies-there has to be someone out there who also hasn't read them!. :) Well, I love the colors and the squares were fun and different but way harder than I thought. Are the books really worth reading? Seriously?


kimmy said...

They really are worth reading!! I thought they were so stupid till a friend begged me to read them. I literally could not put them down. You have to give them a shot :)

1scrapnmomma said...

This cake is soooo awesome. I love it.

Abram and Ashley said...

I've read the books 3 times. I really like them! The cake is way cute too!

Amy said...

Love the cake!

Read the books.

Seriously, just read them.

Amanda said...

hahahhahaha the cake is beautiful cassy- you are of course as talented as ever.. and yes.. read them.. they are quick reads and even though Brian makes fun of me for liking them.. they really are very good. (might be something to do when the kids are in bed and Brian is working)