Saturday, May 2, 2009

Brown and Pink Baby Shower

I love doing pink and brown together! This was a fun cake and I was excited to practice with the party bow because I haven't gotten a lot of opportunities to make it. I've definitely improved and this bow came out bigger than I anticipated but I thought it made the cake really fun and cute. I also pearlized the whole cake which is my new favorite thing to do. It's so easy and makes the cake look totally different. The only issue I had with this cake was the fondant being too soft. I didn't know that was really possible until this cake but it made it more difficult to cover which made it not as clean as I like. The learning never stops.


Jessie and Byron said...

this cake tasted and looked amazing!! You did an awsome job! Thanks so much, it truly got many compliments!

Spier Family said...

I know that Julie has already contacted you about her birthday cake and the 4th of July cake. We also have my daughter Deena turning 30 this year. She is 2 days before Julie. Do you think you can do another cake, like an over the hill, but femine cake? 480 252 3453 Dawn