Sunday, October 16, 2011

Damask wedding

This cake is the reason I even bought the stencil (yes, it's been planned for a while). It was a fun change to do it on a square cake. The gal who ordered it made the styrofoam squares dressed in ribbon for the bottom of each of the tiers. What a difference it made in the height of the cake. So pretty.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cupcake theme everything

I had something different in my mind for my daughter's first birthday. Sadly, I drew a complete blank and could decide on nothing! Finally, I bought her a first birthday shirt and it had a cupcake on it. So I went with it. Cupcake shaped cookies, cupcake cake pops, and of course the traditional cupcake. This was my first attempt at cake pops. They, for sure, taste amazing. I won't eat cake anymore (I don't know, I guess I'm sick of it or something) but put a cake pop in my hand, it's gone in 2 seconds flat. Oh and yes, you are reading this right. It has been a whole year since I had my little Harlee Jo.

Spiderman cake

I had something way cuter in mind for my sons birthday but this is EXACTLY what he wanted. He was with me beginning to end, color by color, designing his own cake. Although, I added the webbing on my own and he was pleasantly surprised the next morning to find it.