Saturday, September 24, 2011

Red and black Damask birthday

Black on red = cool! And We added some rhinestones to the chandeliers. And those are stiletto's if you can't tell. It was a fun cake weekend!

Hawaiian Rehearsal Dinner Cake

This cake, in a whole, is my happy place. I can close my eyes and picture myself on a beach chair (on the beach of course), in the sun, listening to the waves and feeling the light sprinkle of water hit my face. The reason for this theme-the couple is going to Hawaii for their honeymoon. I wanted this cake to be a little more romantic-like with the sunset seen and all. I added the hump back whale because that is big in Hawaii and very memorable for me. I went scuba diving during the whale season and their noises were so distinct and so loud under the water, I felt like I was swimming right next to one at times. Hawaii is the most amazing place and I hope this happy couple has a great time!