Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mini Dino Cake

This cake was actually a pretty tall order. This was for a two year old who was allergic to animal fat and yellow die. So the cake and frosting inside had to be vegan (nothing I do or have done is vegan-not even my salads :)). And then the yellow die meant I couldn't use green, orange, etc. This cake could have really used some green but for a toddler, he probably didn't notice. I wanted to make a dinosaur that stood on 4 legs but my husband said boys like T-rex. So this was my attempt at it. I decided I really need to use modeling chocolate but turns out, that stuff is pricey. I've been watching cake boss lately and envy at what amazing work comes out of his shop. I don't like how he yells all the time but I would love to work for him for a week.


Nate and Kristen said...

Cassy, I love your cakes! You are so dang talented! My sister in law has made her own modeling chocolate, and it has turned out great for her. It's actually pretty cheap to make, so maybe you could look into that.