Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ladybug Lucy

I threw my first baby shower yesterday and it was so much fun! I love trying new things and seeing it all come together. This cake was made after hours of decorating cookies so it didn't turn out like I'd hoped but it sill looked great with the party. The ladybugs matched the cookies and I'm hoping someone got pictures of the cookies because I didn't but I'll post them later if I can get some. This shower was for my sister in-law whose giving me my first niece. I have 5 nephews so it's exciting to add a girl to the mix!

Found a picture. Don't they match perfect with the cake? I don't get the opportunity to make these types of cookies with the detailed decorating and I wasn't sure how they would taste with that kind of frosting but they were shockingly good. I'm glad I sent most of them home with people or I would have gained 5 extra pounds! Cookies are my biggest temptation-even more than cake.


the ridgeways said...

I love love loved Lucy's cake!! :) it was beautiful Cassy! you did an amazing job on everything for the shower! it was so much fun! thank you soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!

and i think the cookies were pretty amazing! they looked adorable and they tasted AWESOME! i would have ate 10 of them if i had brought that many home.. cookies are my fave!

Amy said...

Wow...I love this one! Now I'm sad I was out of town for the shower (I was already sad to miss it) but the cake looks amazing and the cookies are adorable!

Steve and Brindy Arnett said...

i cant believe that was your first shower.. you seriously seemed like such a pro!! i loved the cake... and those cookies were DELICIOUS!! i took a few home and devoured them before steve even knew they were there :)

Mike Steph Brooklyn and Carter said...

Thanks for your comment on my photo blog. And talk about Geez your cakes are amazing. maybe when we move back to AZ one day we will just have to do a trade!!!