Saturday, May 1, 2010

Black, white and red wedding with XBox

Cakes with dark piping are so scary! There is no room for error unlike white piping because I can just wipe it off and start again. Thankfully I didn't run into any problems. This cake matched the decor so beautifully. This family did a great job hiding the "cultural hall" look. You honestly couldn't tell.
This was the grooms cake. I had never heard of such a thing but the bride surprised her die hard XBOX playing hubby with it. The guests coming to the reception just laughed. They knew it was a cake just for the groom. :) Wish I had thought of it for my husband. He is playing right now as I am posting this. Boys!


Steve and Brindy Arnett said...

your wedding cakes look GORGEOUS!! good job! and the xbox cake is AWESOME! perfect guy cake!

Molly said...

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Nate and Kristen said...

Those cakes were awesome! The wedding cake was beautiful and the groom's cake was so cool! Nate said the groom started eating the remote!