Saturday, October 3, 2009

Black scrolls and pink bridal shower cake

For sure my best square cake yet. It's actually level! Imagine that. And both tiers are the same height. I have wanted to do this scroll design but it's free hand and seemed difficult. I sure took a chance with using black for my first swirly design because if I messed up, there was no redoing it. Luckily, it turned out awesome (at least I think so)! :) And I always thought if I ever had a girl, I would decorate with pink and green but I'm really liking the black. So fun! This is the first of 3 cakes for this weekend...stay tuned.


Steve and Brindy Arnett said...

Cassie I LOVED that cake!! it looked beautiful and it was sooo delicious!! so moist!! you do such a good job and im sure their wedding cake will look AMAZING as well!

Kathy said...

Cassy Cassy Cassy!

I absolutely LOVED your cake for Michelle's bridal shower, it was the best cake ever. We received so many compliments on how moist and how beautiful it was. We are looking forward to the wedding cake and can't wait.

Thank you so much!
Kathy Nolan : )